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Danesholme Junior Academy

After school clubs

Absent from After School Clubs


 If a child is going to be absent from a club on any occasion, an adult must contact the school office detailing which club your child will not be attending. 

Please state your child's full name & the club they are scheduled to attend on all communications. 

Tel: 01536 741657

 (voicemail can also be left here)



JAM Coding - Mondays


Book here:


Dan Good MMA - Mondays


Pad work! Reaction work! Wrestling drills! Conditioning training!

6 sessions now ready to book!! This booking is for Mondays 3:15pm till 4:15pm and the dates are – 13/06 – 20/06 – 27/06 – 04/07, 11/07 & 18/07

Book here:



Fiesta Sports Coaching - Monday to Thursday 

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Club details

Club Membership Expectations

·  Children will attend for a maximum of a half term and then you will need to re-register them.

·  Our Children’s code of conduct applies to all clubs.

·  Children must have a full PE kit appropriate for the sport they are undertaking including appropriate outdoor PE clothing. 

·  Children must show respect for all adults involved in running the clubs at all times. A lack of respect will result in warning and then if it continues, your child will be asked to leave the club.

· Children must be collected from clubs at the given time as per the registration arrangements.

· If a child no longer wishes to attend any club, a letter to the school addressed to ‘Mr Park’ is required from parents detailing which club they no longer wish to attend.

Club Cancellation

The school will send a text message out as far in advance as possible if a club is going to be cancelled. If you are unable pick your child up after school then the leader of the club your child should be attending will supervise your child until the normal collection time for the cancelled club.

 Thank you for your support.

Mr Park

P.E Subject Leader