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Danesholme Junior Academy



The National Curriculum for Art and Design aims to engage, inspire, and challenge pupils. At Danesholme Junior Academy, we achieve this through dedicated Art and Design lessons alongside  an inspiring cross-curricular approach.  

Children are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to create their own art and design work. This allows them to build confidence in their own ability, think inquisitively and accurately apply subject vocabulary.  

At Danesholme Junior Academy we use subject progression maps to ensure the National Curriculum is covered cohesively, and to pinpoint where this will be achieved. Teachers use the maps to make purposeful cross-curricular links and build on prior learning when planning topic work. 

It is important for our children to know and understand how art and design contributes to different cultures and the impact it has in history. Our children learn about artists, designers and sculptures throughout their topic and understand how to use what they have learnt about them in their own work. At Danesholme Junior Academy, we aim to foster a love for art and design and give our children opportunities to express themselves through a wide range of chosen mediums.