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Danesholme Junior Academy



At Danesholme Junior Academy, we believe that our maths curriculum will create enthusiastic, creative, and articulate mathematicians. Through a varied and inspiring curriculum, we aim to develop the children’s mathematical fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills – skills that can easily transferrable across the curriculum and into later life. 

As an Academy, our approach to maths is both skills and knowledge based. In order for children to develop into well rounded and passionate mathematicians, we aim to offer children purposeful and practical opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of mathematics while encouraging the children’s understanding of the world around them. 

We believe that fluency and reasoning is key. Children need to have a secure understanding of basic concepts in order to deepen their knowledge of the maths curriculum further. Through our rigorously planned curriculum, which interweaves appropriate concepts, children are encouraged to apply the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach to problem solving while challenge themselves through the use of critical thinking and efficient and effective approaches to problems which they may face. All pupils are encouraged to develop deep thinking and question the way in which the world works. In maths lessons, children are always encouraged to participate in mathematical discussions and thinking and how it relates to the diverse world around them. Sequences, patterns, measures and ultimately the entire study of mathematics was created to make more sense of the world around us and our aim is to enable all of our pupils to use maths as a tool to explore these possibilities through the use of rich, inspiring and challenging mathematical tasks.